The country of Panama, a prior US territory, is populated by an estimated 3.4 million people of which, a growing number are embracing the contact center industry as a proud profession. Current figures place well over 20,000 Panamanians within structured commercial call centers (captive call centers and outsourced call centers). Initiated and regulated since 2001 through Law 54 which offers incentives for contact center investment in Panama, the contact center industry in this region continues to yield very strong government support.

Regarding communications, Panama is the landing point for several international fiber optic submarine cable systems in route to other Latin America countries and the rest of the world thus, offers a redundant and stable telecommunications infrastructure to support the demanding needs of contact centers. Of notable interest is the fact that the U.S. dollar continues to be used as the official legal tender in Panama which further enables a stable currency exchange when dealing with U.S. businesses seeking call center services.

Also, banking institutions in Panama have strong ties to both Latin American and G7 countries as there are presently more than 120 banks in Panama City, making it a serious player on the international financial stage. Through the inherent presence of a strong US dollar and significant exposure to various international financial products and services, CCT is able to deliver a well-educated and knowledgeable call center workforce who possess a relevant understanding of various US-based services.

In the Fall of 2009, CCT launched its Panama City call center operation and is recognized by the Panamanian Government as an outstanding call center employer and call center partner.